Ambitious New Agenda and 75+ Top Wind Executives to Speak

2017 Conference Schedule at a Glance

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Pre-Conference Day
  Dallas Ballroom 1 Dallas Ballroom 2 Dallas Ballroom 3 Austin Workshop Room
AM NGC Transmission Owner's Workshop      
PM Owner-Operator Pre-Conference Workshop & Networking      
Evening Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner 2017  
Day One
  Dallas Ballroom 1 Dallas Ballroom 2 Dallas Ballroom 3 Austin Workshop Room
AM C-Level Headliners - The Pursuit of MWhs    
PM Asset & Risk Managements The Core O&M Track 1 The Core O&M Track 2 Breakout Workshop
Evening Day 1 Drinks Party  
Day Two
  Dallas Ballroom 1 Dallas Ballroom 2 Dallas Ballroom 3 Austin Workshop Room
AM Asset & Risk Managements The Core O&M Track 1 The Core O&M Track 2  
PM Asset & Risk Managements The Core O&M Track 1 The Core O&M Track 2 Breakout Workshop

Introducing our Ambitious New 2017 Agenda:

For more informtion on how it all fits together and to get the full conference agenda, simply get your copy of the full event brochure here.

Opportunities to participate in the agenda at Wind O&M Dallas 2017 are limited. For more information please contact Rob McManus, Commercial Director on or on +44 (0) 207 375 7204.

Monday 10th April 2017

Pre-conference Workshops awards and networking sessions
15.00-16.30 NGC Transmission Owner's Workshop
  • Discuss the challenges of the wind energy industry for gearbox manufacturers
  • The NGC StanGear Platform explained
  • Application of StanGear to existing and new wind turbine platform applications
  • Benefits of standard frame wind turbine main gearboxes

NGC Transmission Equipment Brandan Sommerfield Managing Director NGC Transmission Equipment

16.30 - 17.00 Coffee & Networking Break
17.00-18.30 2nd Annual Owner-Operator Pre-Conference Workshop & Networking
  • Wind O&M Dallas Owner workshop focused on a range of critical O&M and Asset Management issues, selected a month before by the owners themselves
18.30 - Late Wind O&M Dallas Awards Drinks, Dinner & Ceremony

Tuesday 11th April 2017

C-Level Headliners - The Pursuit of MWhs
09.10-09.20 E.ON Keynote Presentation
  • Details coming soon.

E.ON Climate & Renewables NA Patrick Woodson Chairman for Wind E.ON Climate & Renewables NA

09.20-09.40 Siemens Keynote Presentation

Big data, digitalization, consequences and opportunities for the wind industry

  • Review the new era of big data
  • What exactly does big data in the wind industry mean
  • What insights lay within data and how can then industry benefit
  • Hear case studies and application examples

Siemens Wind & Renewables Mark Albenze CEO Siemens Wind & Renewables

09.40-10.40 Panel: The Pursuit of MWhs
  • Understand the key drivers, trends and policy changes that’ll influence the growth of wind energy globally, and within the wider renewables mix, over the next 5-10 years
  • Examine how the emergence of new investors and stakeholders into the renewables market will shape the development of critical services over the same period
  • Get a unique owner operator’s perspective on the subtle nuances at play between Ratepayers, Utilities, Operators, OEMs and the Service community and use these insights to better understand how to leverage your market position for the benefit of your stakeholders
  • Including Keynotes from C-Level Representatives from a leading Wind Farm Owner, OEM, Policy Maker and a Major Renewables Investor

E.ON Climate & Renewables NA Patrick Woodson Chairman for Wind E.ON Climate & Renewables NA

EDP Renewables Brian Hayes EVP - Asset Operations EDP Renewables

Duke Energy Jeff Wehner VP Operations Duke Energy

Gamesa Philippe Delleville Vice President, Services Gamesa, North America

Vestas Chris Brown President Vestas

Siemens Wind & Renewables Mark Albenze CEO Siemens Wind & Renewables

American Wind Energy Association Tom Kiernan CEO American Wind Energy Association

10.40 - 11.30 Coffee & Networking Break
Asset & Risk Managements
The Core O&M Track 1
The Core O&M Track 2
11.30-12.15 Panel: Risk Management and Choosing the Right Service Pathway
  • Participate in an in-depth owner operator session that presents the business case for each post-warranty service model with perspectives from those owners who have done it before.
  • This unique session allows you to take away key lessons learned and make the correct EoW service decision for your business, portfolio size, location and risk management approach.
  • This will be an interactive decision where you ask the questions. Guide topics include but are not limited to.

Apex Clean Energy Andrea Miller Vice President of Asset Management Apex Clean Energy

E.ON Climate & Renewables NA Gerrud Wallaert VP Regional Operations E.ON Climate & Renewables NA

11.30-12.00 Development and trial of a ground-based non-destructive evaluation for wind turbine blades
  • Documenting EPRI and Digital Wind’s collaboration to evaluate different NDE technologies for ground-based measurements
  • Update on most recent down-selected technologies, including long-wave thermal measurements coupled with acoustic emissions
  • Example results of ground-based measurements of operational, running wind turbine blades
  • Current capabilities and ongoing developments/improvements

EPRI Brandon Fitchett Senior Technical Lead EPRI

11.30-12.00 Gram & Jul TCM ® Retrofit & Monitoring Solution ‘Understanding your choice and options available to you’
  • Knowledge is power, having awareness and understanding is key to where you want to go.
  • Asking yourself and your organization the hard questions:
    • Are you comfortable with the transparency and access to your data?
    • Are you ar realistic candidate for a site wide CM retrofit on an aging fleet that is approaching or is out of warranty?
    • What are the capabilities and limitations of your staff and budgets?
    • IT can be a show stopper are you willing to commit the time to the investment?
  • Moving from confusion to crystal clarity bringing it all into focus

Gram & Juhl Jeff Walkup VP Sales & Operations Gram & Juhl

12.15-12.45 Forward Thinking: IP & Cyber Security
  • As data becomes more prevalent in the renewables business, understand who really owns the data being collected and why this is important for timely O&M decision making
  • Ensure your aware of the complex potential cyber security risks in operating more and more complex assets through remote or automotive systems

Speaker TBC Soon

12.00-12.30 Innovative Leading Edge Protection for the lifespan of the blade
  • Overview of existing leading edge protection solutions and its short comings
  • Effect of weathering impacts on leading edge protection
  • Innovation in leading edge protection

3M Santhosh Krishna Chandrabalan Global Business Manager - Wind Energy 3M

12.00-12.30 Revo.2. The most advanced planetary bearing technology available in the industry.
  • Integrated Taper Bearings with a proprietary assembly technique
  • Planet bearing contact stresses significantly reduced improving life 2-4x over original 4 row cylindrical design
  • Gear material quality 2x cleaner than standard grades dramatically reducing inclusion generated failures
  • Increased system stiffness reduces rim deflection 400% thus significantly improving load share amongst 3 planets

Gearbox Express Bruce Neumiller CEO Gearbox Express

12.30-13.00 Blades Management - Why are we still talking about this?
  • Grasp why it’s taken so long for owners to ‘find’ on the current best practice for organizing inspections and service windows for blades
  • Get the latest insights from owners 2016 blade maintenance campaigns
  • Use owner insights on current blade life expectancy for different turbine types and locations to better plan your own scheduled inspections and maintenance programs

Vestas Daniel Molyneaux Blade Services Manager Vestas

12.30-13.00 Renewable Asset Intelligence Platform Drives Smarter O&M Decisions
  • Quickly pinpoint problem areas to minimize turbine downtime and understand overall wind plant performance
  • Gain insight with case studies detailing how Asset Managers have been able to identify faults and underperforming turbines using information presented with immediate action in mind
  • See a live demo of TRUalytics dashboards showing a complete view of overall site performance and trends

EDF Renewable Services Justin Forbes Director O&M Marketing & Business Development EDF Renewable Services

12.45-14:30 Lunch & Networking Break
Asset & Risk Managements
The Core O&M Track 1
The Core O&M Track 2
Day 1 Breakout Workshop
14.30-15.00 Panel: Private equity interests

Explore the drivers of private equity / infrastructure type investor / owners of renewables:

  • What brings them to invest in renewables? What is their timeline, return on investment, desire to be ‘hands on’ versus ‘hands off’? Wheat are their potential pain points? What type of risk do they carry (versus the risk with tax equity or that stays with the sponsor)?
  • During the project operational phase what is their preferred operational strategy and why (long-term) full wrap contracts? What is their project on-site staffing approach? What are the pluses/minuses of their current approach?
  • There has been a lot of consolidation in the ISP market and a move by several large owners to provide O&M services – where do they see the market going for these services? Is there a need for engineering support or are technician body shops a more cost-effective solution?

Natural Power Holly Hughes SVP Natural Power

14.30-15.00 E.ON Case Study - Operations Management & Critical Processes
  • Details coming soon.

E.ON Climate & Renewables NA Matt Kessel VP Regional Operations E.ON Climate & Renewables NA

14.30-15.00 Meeting the challenges of Pitch and Yaw Bearings
  • Understand that traditional design practices and assumptions made by bearing design are continually challenged.
  • Explore investigations into bearing damage from fielded units provide insight into areas of improvement for bearings in this application.
  • Discuss how SKF is working to provide innovative solutions for the latest turbine platforms

SKF David VanLangevelde Engineering Manager - Slewing Rings SKF USA – Industrial

14.30-16.00 NEW Game Changers - Energy Storage Workshop
Hosted by GE Energy Storage

In a brand, new workshop, GE Energy Storage and top owners as they provide the latest insight into:

  • The different configurations, technology and use cases for energy storage technology in installed energy capacity
  • How revenue streams are built and strengthened using energy storage technology in other energy generation industries
  • What the specific use cases are for energy storage alongside existing wind & solar capacity in the US and globally
  • Examine lessons learned from energy storage installation, commissioning and integration already

GE Jeff Weiner Global Director GE Energy Storage

15.00-15.30 The Insurers Crystal Ball
  • Examine how claim trends from the US market help reinforce our knowledge of the typical failure rates and life expectancies of key turbine components in the US market
  • Uncover exclusive perspectives from the insurance and brokerage market about the latest trends in turbine component failure rates to know what you should be keeping a closer eye on

Speaker TBC Soon

15.30-16.00 TSL Workshop: Rescue, Prepared...or Perplexed?

Three learning objectives:

  • Rescue Program - Rescue Plan
  • Training and familiarization of provided rescue equipment
  • Developing a Safety Culture at your company

TSL Brent Wise Co-Founder TSL

Leeward Renewable Energy Mike Kelley Director of Environmental Health and Safety Leeward Renewable Energy

NRG Energy Carlos Diaz Director of Environmental, Health & Safety NRG Energy

Dallas Fire Department Matt Geller Tech Safety Lines’ Instructor Dallas Fire Department

15.00-15.30 Lessons Learned: Common Wind Turbine Bearing Failures, Costs & Solutions
  • Evaluate the most common bearing failures that have plagued the wind farm operators for the last five years and how they can be avoided
  • Increase your technical understanding of the causes of such failures and their potential financial impact to your O&M budget
  • Discuss the steps you can take to mitigate the risk of such failures and explore the upgrades owners have been using to prevent bearing failures from reappearing

The Timken Company Richard Brooks Wind Aftermarket Manager The Timken Company

15.30-16.00 How E-commerce solutions are about to change Spare Parts Procurement
  • What are the key drivers for lowering costs for spare parts procurement?
  • Differentiating factors when procuring Main components, Minor Correctives and Consumables
  • Reaching your target group and lowering barriers for doing business internationally

Spares in Motion Jochem Sauer Managing Director Spares in Motion

15.30-16.00 Evolving Philosophy on Gearbox Maintenance
  • Discuss the key lessons learned we can all take advantage of to stay on top of gearboxes
  • Examine the unique insights of owners and specialists on what can be done to ensure greater reliability on larger turbines subject to greater stresses

Speaker TBC Soon

16.00-16.45 Coffee & Networking Break
Asset & Risk Managements
The Core O&M Track 1
The Core O&M Track 2
16.45-17.30 Panel: Rules of the Wind Energy Game
  • Examine the impact of changing US energy generation and usage trends and how this impacts the projected growth plans your business has for further wind capacity, the price MW and the long term competitiveness of your existing wind fleets
  • Understand what obstacles and market changes or how new energy projects can stand to hinder your ability to get produced wind energy to market
  • Revisit your understanding of grid capacity and transmission networks to ensure you can anticipate any risks of curtailment

Orion Energy Group LLC Ryan Mcgraw President Orion Energy Group LLC

RES Americas Matthew Burt SVP Operations RES Americas

FTI Consulting Aris Karcanias Managing Director FTI Consulting

16.45-17.15 NEM Solutions presentation
  • Details coming soon.

NEM Solutions USA Gorka Parada CEO NEM Solutions USA

16.45-17.30 Better Understand Gearboxes & Rotating Forces
  • Ensure you understand the effects of rotating forces on the gearbox and drivetrain
  • Learn how owners have been able to effectively mitigate the effects of faults and failures caused by excessive rotating forces on their major hub components
  • Understand what all owners can do to use this knowledge to make far better decisions about the service and selection of components in order to maximize life expectancy

Speaker TBC Soon

17.30-19.30 Day 1 Drinks Party

Wednesday 12th April 2017

Asset & Risk Managements
The Core O&M Track 1
The Core O&M Track 2
09.00-09.45 Panel: How to Set Targets that Optimize Portfolio Performance
  • Evaluate, with owners, the key steps you need to take to go from merely ‘operating’ a turbine to actually maximizing the amount of energy produced
  • Understand whether you’re collecting the right data and know if you’re even asking the right questions of your portfolio when setting new targets
  • Learn as owners share their knowledge on effectively benchmarking portfolio performance to ensure accountability in any new ‘optimization’ initiative, right from the start

Innogy Lee Faulkner Senior Business Manager, New Business Innogy

EDP Renewables Rotem Zucker Director of Asset Management EDP Renewables

09.00-09.30 Turbine to Tie-in: Lifecycle and Maintenance of Balance of Plant
  • Dealing with old designs- As windfarms age how do we identify designed-in problems waiting to expose themselves.
  • Common costly failure examples- between environment and poor installation Today’s windfarm BOP team must be prepared to take the financial edge out of costly repair
  • RE-Powering complications- Repowering of existing wind Farm sites exposes many challenges to the life and upkeep of the BOP

WECS Bruce Hammett President WECS

09.00-09.30 Best practices and approaches on how to lower LCOE through O&M strategies throughout the entire lifecycle of wind projects
  • Comparison of different international O&M strategies and contracts
  • What facts are crucial to lower cost of O&M
  • What tendencies do we see in European and worldwide markets

Deutsche Windtechnik Matthias Brandt Director Deutsche Windtechnik

Deutsche Windtechnik Melf Lorenzen Country Manager Spain Deutsche Windtechnik

09.45-10.15 In Pursuit of MWhs: Maximizing Value for Wind Projects

In a period of tight market prices and PTC phase-down, turbine manufacturers and their O&M divisions have an important stake in supporting continued industry activity. In this session:

  • Discuss how the industry will evolve to ensure wind’s long-term competitiveness.
  • Explore how wind power projects and evolving turbine technology drive owner value.
  • Gain insight on how cost reductions and O&M efficiencies play an integral part in driving the demand for wind.

Goldwind Jeff Puterbaugh Director of Operations Goldwind Americas

09.30-10.15 Panel: Never Forget the Balance of Plant
  • Compare owner experiences in managing the stability of their ‘local grid’ and preventing BOP related disruptions to critical turbine strings
  • Gain insights on the best practice for managing the integrity and repair of underground cables, transformers and substations
  • Examine the easy budget wins you can find by truly understanding the cumulative small issues from the management of wild animals to proper recording of all small failures

Leeward Energy Troy Ryan Eastern Regional Manager Leeward Energy

AES Wind Generation Brad Hendrix BOP Lead AES Wind Generation

Algonquin Power Rob Erdinger Sr. Business Manager Algonquin Power

Pattern Energy Zeeshan Azmat Electrical Engineering Manager Pattern Energy

Cooke Power Services Judah Moseson VP Operations Cooke Power Services

09.30-10.00 Wind turbine fault detection and diagnostics case studies - Intermediate shaft bearing looseness
  • This presentation focuses on case studies of bearing looseness on the intermediate shaft (IMS) of the wind turbine gearbox.
  • Case study 1 looks at the rotor end bearing where movement between outer race and the gearbox housing creates clearance, which results in excessive misalignment of the gear shafts. If this is not corrected in time it could lead to gear teeth damage and/or replacement of the entire gearbox.
  • Case study 2 looks at a non-rotor end (generator side) bearing looseness, where the looseness is caused by a cracked inner race. If not detected and replaced in time, the IMS shaft will be damaged and the resulting shaft misalignment can result in consequential damage to other gearbox components, including replacement of the entire gearbox.


10.15-10.45 Economics of Power Boost Technology
  • Get acquainted with the numbers behind the energy boosting systems
  • Understand why, even in for less mature owners, you should already be considering the cost benefits of power boosting tools verses equipment ‘conservation’ strategies
  • Receive exclusive insights from key wind stakeholders about which approach best meets the needs of which kind of wind investor (Utility, IPP, Hedge/Pension Fund) taking into account valuable experiences from across the US market

Speaker TBC Soon

10.15-10.45 Challenges in Electrical Failure Route Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Discuss current best practice for owners being able to expedite the RCA of electrical failure in the field
  • Evaluate the business case for improving the integrity and reliability of electrical components
  • Discover what benefits owners can expect to reap if they push for greater standardization amongst electrical components

Speaker TBC Soon

10.00-10.30 Demystifying CMS: Project Execution and Monitoring
  • Walking through a CMS installation process and different hardware configurations
  • Understanding wind farm owner’s site practices and proving custom solutions
  • Exploring real-life early failure detection scenarios and associated money savings

Moventas Ozgen Killc Condition Monitoring Systems Manager Moventas

10.30 - 11.00 Connect the Dots; HSE and OPEX
  • Understand how to build consistently good safety cultures, internal policies and contractor expectations so that seriousness and cost of HSE incidents is always at its lowest level
  • Discuss the value of ‘shared’ data in safety and how you can use quality HSE to directly limit human capital costs or human error derived downtime
  • Examine how to encourage excellent documentation and recording practices to notice easily rectifiable human capital costs

APEX Clean Energy John Boyle Manager of HSE APEX Clean Energy

10.45-11.30 Coffee & Networking Break
Asset & Risk Managements
The Core O&M Track 1
Day 2 Breakout Workshop
11.30-12.15 Panel: Real-Time Data & Decision Making
  • Know how leading owners are managing to amass and structure ‘big data’ in such a way that it can be easily accessed and analyzed for positive decision making
  • Compare the experiences of owners who have managed to successfully integrate analytical and prognostic solutions to manage to optimize the long term performance of their plants
  • Understand the steps owners have taken to build and equip the analytics experts required to process and monetize data streams efficiently for in-field teams

Apex Clean Energy Brian Lamay Director of Operations & Asset Optimization Apex Clean Energy

11.30-12.00 Create, Sustain & Grow AEP Through An Effective Wind/Renewables ‘Nerve Centre’
  • Evaluate some of the unforeseen issues that arise when developing your control centre, including ‘local riot response’
  • Examine how Duke Energy’s nerve centre development has created scalability & operating efficiency opportunities to other owner partners

Duke Energy Jeff Wehner VP Operations Duke Energy

11.30-13.00 EDPR Workshop: 98 Out of the Gate Workshop
  • Details coming soon.

EDP Renewables Brian Hayes EVP - Asset Operations EDP Renewables

12.15-12.45 Repowering: Important Lessons
  • Review a European case study that demonstrates the steps, rules and costs of embarking on a large scale repowering effort
  • Understand how these steps, rules and costs translate to the North American market and what impact this will have on the business case and timelines for full-scale repowering of US wind farms
  • Discuss the knowledge gaps the US market will have to debate and overcome to conclude the business case for repowering

Vestas Speaker TBA Vestas

12.15-12.45 Panel: How to Optimize Your Service Supply Chain
  • Unlock the secrets to creating a streamlined and effective maintenance schedule that makes the most of preventative solutions
  • Enhance your ability to rapidly mobilize the supply chain for unexpected failures and reduce key waste on cranes
  • Ensure alignment of critical KPIs and ROI expectations between owner and the supply chain partners

LAPP Group James Moorman Wind & Energy Market Manager LAPP Group

SKF Mark Dunn Reliability Engineering Manager SKF

12.45-14.00 Lunch & Networking Break
14.00-14.30 Small - Medium Owner Review
  • Details coming soon.

DTE Energy David Harwood Director, Renewable Energy DTE Energy

14.30-15.00 Panel: Creating a sustainable industry past the PTC
  • Details coming soon.

E.ON Gerrud Wallaert VP of Regional Operations E.ON

Pattern Energy Chris Shugart SVP Operations Pattern Energy

15.00 End of Conference

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