Harnessing operational performance data and consolidating service contract experiences to configure the best O&M response strategies for your assets

The ‘Industrial Internet’ and ‘Big Data’ are just a couple of the buzz words currently circulating the onshore wind O&M space. At the project or company level these terms refer to the act of extracting, interpreting and then reapplying asset data to intelligently and efficiently inform O&M strategies. At the industry level these terms speak of a collective move towards greater data transparency and inter-market and inter-company knowledge transfers to facilitate the establishment of O&M gold standards whilst propagating technical innovation and service cost-competiveness.

The WEU Onshore O&M Strategy Configuration Report 2015 is an ambitious and innovative data-centric exercise which moves through the market, project and component levels translating performance data, technical expertise and stakeholder insight into strategic directives. From market O&M readiness, to project service option suitability and optimum component maintenance response strategy, this comprehensive study provides clear and informed takeaways for you to utilize in the pursuit to optimize output and lower costs across the project lifecycle.

In this report you will find:

  • Market O&M readiness assessment: Quantify O&M readiness in 18 global markets to gain the insight you need for negotiating risk and optimizing revenue, derived from a weighted consideration of 5 key factors and 24 sub-factors.
  • Market service strategy suitability: Determine the ranking of O&M service provider suitability in 18 markets through our service scorecard which considers factors ranging from ease of doing business to wind technician training program score in each locality.
  • Major component maintenance response configuration:  Based upon 576 configurations across 19 project scenarios identify the optimum maintenance response strategy for gearbox, generator and blade failure.
  • Complete access to scorecard data tables: Make the most of the extensive data generated within the report through our user-friendly reference tables and appendices, enabling you to continuously extract value beyond the scenarios detailed within the report body.

Benefits of the report:

The WEU Onshore O&M Strategy Configuration Report 2015 transforms Big Data into actionable intelligence, enabling you to:

  • Carve out the most cost-effective maintenance strategy for your capital intensive components – gearbox, generator and blades – to reduce failure rates, minimize downtime and increase asset performance output.
  • Construct an informed market entrance plan by utilizing our O&M readiness scorecard to identify market strengths and weaknesses and our service provider scorecard to gauge contract suitability in multiple locations
  • Understand how you can translate market and asset data into strategic directives by using are step-by-step guides to configuring market readiness, service provider suitability and component maintenance response strategy as a blueprint for your in-house analysis.

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Wind Energy Update’s (WEU) Onshore O&M Strategy Configuration Report 2015 responds to the most pressing needs of the onshore wind O&M community, representing over six months of primary and secondary research and culminating in over 100 pages of high-quality data and analysis, 43 figures, 99 tables and 3 appendices.

Download the report brochure to take a look at the methodology carried out to create the Report

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