Dissecting the cost, risk and performance characteristics of contract options within the increasingly complex O&M services landscape

With 51.5GW of new wind turbine capacity installed in 2014 and 36GW in 2013, it is clear that the wind industry requires an increasingly robust, distributed and consolidated O&M services apparatus to not only meet this cumulative growth but also to attend to the ever complex challenges which a growing and maturing industry presents. The emergence of new onshore markets, an ageing fleet in established markets, increase in turbine capacity and a diversification in owner/operator profiles has led to a boom in the services space with an increase in both volume and type of O&M service providers and service options.

In this report you will find:

  • O&M service strategy options assessment: In-house vs. extended OEM vs. ISP vs. hybrid - find out the key characteristics of each option and deployment suitability by owner/operator type and size
  • Barometer of O&M service trends: Unique insight into service option deployment share including distinctions between turbine and Balance of Plant O&M, shifts in contract lengths, contract conditions and reliability metrics, as well as anticipated service option share over the next five years
  • Stakeholder perspectives: Identify the preferences of owner/operators in the selection of service contracts including driving factors and reassessment cycle periods, as well as the deliverables offered by service providers
  • Global wind O&M market status and forecasts: The latest data on installed capacities, O&M market size and growth forecasts in all main markets worldwide.
  • Risk management and mitigation: Understand about the internalization and externalization of risk in accordance to the different O&M service options across the asset life cycle from component failure risk to health and safety risks

Benefits of the report:

The WEU Onshore O&M Service Options Report 2015 provides industry stakeholders with the data, analysis and insight necessary to navigate this increasingly complex and saturated services landscape, enabling you to:

  • Understand the contract deliverables associated with the each service strategy option, their pros & cons, suitability in accordance to stakeholder size and type, as well as exclusive insight from leading service providers
  • Identify key trends in the O&M services landscape including which type of contracts are dominating and where, the evolution of contract agreement lengths and key changes in contract reliability metrics
  • Access actionable intelligence to guide on the steps necessary to adopt a successful service strategy including identifying and managing risk and optimizing asset reliability

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Wind Energy Update’s (WEU) Onshore O&M Service Options Report 2015 responds to the most pressing needs of the onshore wind O&M community, representing over five months of primary and secondary research and culminating in over 100 pages of high-quality data and analysis, 64 figures, 22 tables and 15 case studies.

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