Wind Energy Update Live Webinar in partnership with Sciemus Wind and RWE Innogy:

How to use Wind O&M Big Data to maximise financial returns

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015
14:00 BST / 13:00 UTC
Duration: 60 minutes

A lack of a standardised approach to collecting and measuring wind turbine data has resulted in a strong dependence on subjective engineering insight in assessing project performance. Performance benchmarking is a standard technique that has been widely used across a number of industries, but one which requires constant data acquisition and processing to truly be powerful. The wind power sector is no exception. Industry stakeholders, including Operators, Investors and Financiers, benchmark wind turbine availability and reliability not only to compare their performance relative to the global peer group, but also to better understand future expected failures of their assets. What the wind power industry needs is a robust and fact-based wind turbine reliability data that provides the necessary transparency in carrying out wind turbine benchmarks.

Are you getting the optimum financial returns out of your benchmarking strategy?

Join this educational webinar to:

  • Learn how to quantify expected behaviour where data is low
  • Understand how to benchmark against the two key metrics, failure rates and turbine outage duration
  • Get to grips on how benchmarking failure rates and outage durations can be extended down to component level
  • Realise how much availability actually impacts on your final revenue
  • Get real data from our live survey that will take place live during the webinar

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James Ingham, Renewables Analyst at Sciemus

  • Joined Sciemus in 2009 
  • Previous experience in IT-led defence roles 
  • BA (Hons) (DMU) 
  • MSc in Knowledge Management (Cranfield) 
  • Currently completing EngD (Cranfield) focussing on the application of Knowledge Management techniques to Wind Farm SCADA Data

David Jones, Head of Joint Ventures & Asset Management at RWE Innogy

  • Senior renewables manager within RWE Innogy UK's onshore wind business 
  • Vast experience across onshore Development, onshore and offshore Operations and Commercial Asset Management
  • General Manager of 635 MWs of onshore and 60MWs of offshore clean, sustainable, renewable energy from almost 550 wind turbines across 33 UK wind farms
  • These wind farms range from modern multi-MW class turbines across sites from Kent through to Northern England and the Scottish Highlands, to a 10 year old offshore wind farm, and to 300+ sub-MW turbines across 13 UK sites

About Sciemus

Sciemus was founded in 2002 and set out to develop and bring to market world-wide reliability data, data processing techniques, and risk analysis tools. They focus on sectors where data is inherently difficult to obtain – such as Wind, where they have collected over 185,000 operational years of data; that number is growing. Sciemus proprietary data processing techniques maximise the value of that data and deliver insight and analyse to some of the world’s largest Investors, Operators and Insurers.

About RWE Innogy

RWE Innogy pools the renewable energy expertise and power plants of the RWE Group. We plan, build and operate facilities generating power from renewable energies. Our goal is to vigorously grow renewable energies in Europe. To reach this goal partnerships play an important role. In this way we can realize the energy change together. We are especially strong in our home market in Germany, followed by the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland.



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