Exhaustive performance and cost data and analysis to boost your farm yield

The lack of transparency concerning operational performance data from wind energy assets has historically been a key stumbling block at both the industry and company level. In the absence of open dialogue between the gatekeepers of performance and cost data the industry has yet to carve out a set of performance gold standards whilst the cost-competiveness of wind energy versus other energy generation industries has no doubt been stalled by this.

In this report you will find

  • In-depth reliability analysis: A detailed look at gearboxes, turbines and rotor blades including availability, failure rates, outage duration and lost days per year.
  • Reactive, predictive and schedule O&M compared: Find out which approach is most cost-effective for your wind power assets.
  • Impact of O&M on life-cycle costs: Learn how optimizing O&M can increase productivity and reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) of your wind power assets.
  • Innovation in O&M: Comprehensive discussions on the lastes trends in industrial automation, supply chain alignment, modularization and standardization.
  • Global wind O&M market status and forecasts: The latest data on installed capacities, O&M market size and growth forecasts in all main markets worldwide.
  • The reliability analysis in this report is based on Sciemus proprietary database, which contains ~100,000 years of operational project¬†data.

Benefits of the report

For executives working in the O&M space the ability to contextualise their assets' performance has typically been restricted to benchmarking against in-house portfolios or ad-hoc data-stream publications. What one asset manager may consider to be a reliable generator experience may transpire to be performing to a sub-standard level when compared against the field.

The WEU Onshore Asset Optimization & Reliability Benchmarking Report 2015 provides unprecedented clarity on performance and cost data enabling you to:

  • Streamline your O&M activities in-line with component lifecycle failure occurrences, downtime rates, and repair and/or replacement costs as experienced in real situations
  • Identify areas within your portfolio for optimizing performance output and reducing O&M costs
  • Harness this data to intelligently inform your O&M response strategies¬† going forward at both the component and project level

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WEU Onshore Asset Optimization & Reliability Benchmarking Report 2015 responds to the most pressing needs of the onshore wind O&M community, representing over six months of primary and secondary research as well as analysis on the part of a qualified team of experts.

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