Real data and independent analysis to help you choose the most cost-effective O&M strategy to maximize ROI on your onshore wind power assets

Once a wind farm is operational, adopting a cost-effective operations and maintenance strategy is the main path for operators to maximize ROI on wind energy. In order to arrive at the optimal O&M strategy, an operator needs to make three crucial decisions:

  • Who carries out O&M? The options are contracting the turbine manufacturer, relying on independent service providers or servicing wind turbines in-house
  • Should O&M be predictive, scheduled or reactive? And what are the costs and performance implications of each approach?
  • Which approach is most cost effective depending on the size, age and location of each wind power asset? The WEU Wind Energy O&M Report 2016 provides data and analysis to help you answer these questions and enable you to formulate the most cost-effective O&M strategy for your wind power assets
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  • Maximize energy yield of your wind turbine assets by choosing a maintenance strategy that keeps your turbines operating optimally throughout their useful life.
  • Identify the failure types that have the biggest impact on your bottom line and how to prevent them with our comprehensive component failure analysis drawn from 5.9 GW of operational wind turbines.
  • Quantify the costs and benefits of adopting predictive O&M compared to scheduled and reactive approaches, so you can choose the best approach for your assets
  • Prevent catastrophic failure of gearboxes, generators and other capital intensive  components by identifying main causes of failure and how to mitigate them.
  • Benchmark against global leaders in Operations and Maintenance information drawn from in-depth interviews on deploying CMS, developing a supply chain and other crucial aspects of wind O&M.
  • Find out whether it is more cost-effective to leave O&M to a turbine manufacturer, outsource it to an independent service provider or bringing O&M in-house by drawing upon our comprehensive scorecard modelling more than 576 wind farm configurations.
  • Identify the O&M strategy most suitable to each market, with our comprehensive analysis of OEMs, ISPs and In-house O&M capabilities in 18 global wind energy markets, including the US, UK, Germany, China, Brazil and South Africa.

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  • What are the main causes of turbine failure and how can I prevent them?
  • What types of turbine failure have the biggest impact on productivity?
  • How can I avoid catastrophic failure of gearboxes, generators or blades through best O&M practice?
  • When is it more cost effective to carry out O&M in-house rather than working with OEMs or ISPs?
  • How are other companies reducing their O&M costs whilst delivering better wind farm performance?
  • Under which circumstances is it cost-effective to invest in condition monitoring systems, rather than carry out scheduled O&M?
  •  Which O&M strategies are more suitable for my particular type of asset and market?

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