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How to install and construct farshore, deepwater wind farms on time and cost efficiently

Real case studies on current offshore wind construction projects including Ormonde, Bard 1, Thornton Bank and Greater Gabbard

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Get unique case studies giving a detailed account on how the most pressing offshore wind construction and installation challenges are being tackled in four of the most daring offshore wind projects.



  • Find out how innovative foundations solutions such as gravity based foundations, jackets and floating turbines are being used in the latest far-shore, deep water projects
  • Learn how to cut both cost and time by using the pre-piling method to install jacket foundations
  • Discover the successes - and challenges - in using gravity based foundations
  • Understand how monopile foundations are being pushed to its structural limits
  • Assess the challenges of operating in hostile, farshore, deepwater environments and how you can best deal with them
  • Learn how the industry is coping with the shortage of vessels required for cable installation

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Offshore Wind Installation & Construction Report
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