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Identify key drivers in supply chain strategies of Wind Turbine OEMs

It is essential that component manufacturers grasp the changing industry and the uniquely different requirements that are needed for the development of offshore wind turbines.

With stricter selection criteria than has ever been seen before, the unique components and supply chain strategies of the offshore turbine industry has creating new challenges which the Offshore Wind Turbine Supply Report 2011-2012 offers answers to.

Download the selected findings of our comprehensive guide to offshore wind turbine supply chains now.

This report will provide:

  • Comprehensive project forecasts for offshore wind projects globally
  • Analysis of current and future component technologies and why OEMs are utilising them
  • In-depth case studies of supply chain strategies of industry leading OEMs
  • Understand and utilise the emerging manufacturing might of Eastern Europe and Asia

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Cut straight to the facts with this ground-breaking report…

Unearth turbine OEMs supplier selection criteria

  • Identify their key factors in choosing a component or supplier
  • Understand what specifications and data they need to see in your proposal

Offshore Project forecast

  • Find out which projects have been agreed and who is set to supply them
  • Get an insider’s perspective to lead times and actual start dates

Future Turbine Technology

  • Discover the current trends and future outlook in component technology
  • Understand why turbine OEMs have made their current and future technology choices

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Who should buy this report?

Tier 1 and 2 Component manufacturers – will discover what the selection criteria of leading and emerging turbine OEMs really are, as well as getting a full project forecast for which companies have won offshore wind contracts.

Logistics and supply chain companies – Purchasing this report will enable them to understand where turbine OEMs intend to have their manufacturing hubs and their considerations in choosing logistics partners.

Past buyers of WEU reports include Turbine OEMs, contractors, component manufacturers, academics, not for profit and consultants including WinWinD, Vestas, Vattenfall, Suzlon Wind Energy, SKF, Siemens, Scottish & Southern energy, Samsung Heavy Industries, Multibrid and A2SEA

Take this important step in securing your place in the offshore wind turbine supply chain

Report Methodology

Wind Energy Update carried out in-depth interviews with industry leading and emerging Turbine OEMs with real world experience operating in the wind industry.

The information collected included insight on the drivers and selection criteria in choosing suppliers and innovative component technology.  Information and data on the project forecasts and future of offshore wind supply chain was collected from 32 different OEMs. The information was then collated and analysed by our research team to create the report.

The report was finally peer-reviewed by 4 independent experts.

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Wind Energy Update



Offshore wind Turbine Supply Report
Pages: 100+ pages
Price: €1295
Release Date: September