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Optimise your O&M strategy by identifying the true costs, downtimes and failure rates of modern and future wind farms

A unique insight into what the true costs and downtimes are for offshore wind farm O&M and unearth the component failure rates that continue to affect your OPEX

With rapidly evolving technology, new product offerings, a challenging marine environment and rapidly growing installed capacity as well as wind park nominal capacity come serious operation and maintenance challenges. Combine this with unpredictable component failures, the limited number of servicing vessels, the challenging park accessibility and the debatable reliability of new rolled-out turbines make ensuring a cost effective offshore operations and maintenance strategy is in place has never been more difficult

This report unearths the true costs of predictive and corrective maintenance, the real hours lost to downtime and actual component failure rates, to allow you to build the best strategies and systems for cost effective operations and maintenance.

By purchasing this report you will get…

Comprehensive scrutiny of the true costs of predictive, preventative and corrective maintenance
Analysis of current and predicted component failure rates
In-depth breakdowns of current and future accessibility options
An understanding of how to utilise condition monitoring data

Cut straight to the facts with this cutting-edge report…

Drill down on component failure rates

Identify which components are causing the most failure events
Understand how condition monitoring systems can drive down cost
Find out how increased CAPEX on a wind farm can hugely reduce OPEX
Unearth how future technology can reduce the man hours need for maintenance

Operations and Maintenance management

Discover the true costs of predicative, preventative and corrective maintenance
Get an insider's perspective to maintenance optimisation
Learn about the latest progress in analysis of SCADA and CMS data

Offshore Logistics

Discover what are the current trends and future outlook in marine access
Understand how technology innovation is widening the weather window
Uncover the latest Health and Safety best practice

Offshore wind farm owners capitalising on the lowest per Kw/h costs

Developers seeking to produce cost effective projects
Any investor seeking to understand the finance needed in offshore wind
Manufacturers developing more reliable components and systems
Logistics and access providers assessing commercial opportunities
Those seeking to provide technology and systems that need to withstand the ravages of offshore wind


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Selected Findings
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