The ultimate guide to assessing foundation market opportunities, cost-reduction pathways and commercial viability in the new era of offshore projects

Sustained growth in the offshore wind energy industry demonstrated in the year-on-year additional capacity coming on-line is coupled with key changes in the offshore landscape as new markets are set to enter the industry, projects move to deeper waters farther offshore, and turbine unit capacities continue to increase.

The offshore foundations landscape will not only be shaped by these key expansions and changes but the technological and commercial development of wind turbine foundations - as well as other substructures - will play a pivotal role in reducing both CAPEX and LCOE.

Harnessing over 12,000 pieces of data, exclusive company case-studies and interviews, 450+ survey responses and a proprietary foundations compatibility scorecard, this is the only report dedicated to helping you:

  • Foundations market opportunities analyzed: Identify what exactly the evolving offshore wind project landscape means for foundation requirements and opportunities, including key data on water depths, turbine capacities and distances from shore at the global region and market level.
  • Foundation option assesment: Access quantitative strategic intelligence on the suitability of foundation technology option in accordance to variations in the key project parameters of turbine capacity and water depth.
  • Supply chain and logistic landscape examination: Get to grips with the alignments needed in supply-chain and logistics to service the new era of foundation deployment

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Essential offshore wind foundations knowledge targeted to your business needs

This report is relevant to all companies and individuals who are working in offshore wind energy:

Company types
  • Utilities & developers
  • Foundation designers, manufacturers, suppliers & installers
  • OEMs
  • Logistic service providers – port services, port authorities & vessel owners & contractors
  • Insurers, Investors & R&D organizations
Job titles
  • Head of Offshore Wind
  • Construction Manager
  • Installation Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Business Strategy


In order to fully unlock innovation in foundation design, manufacturing & installation, key issues on risk absorption of novel technologies, project-foundation suitability assessment, supply-chain readiness and the optimum route to commercial deployment will need to be addressed.

  • Market Sizing: Complete and up-to-date offshore wind energy capacity data by geography (global, continental and country breakdown) and project status (operational, under construction, construction authorised, consent authorised, consent application submitted, concept/early planning, and development zone), also including share and size (MW) of dormant, failed and cancelled projects by country market
  • Foundation Market Sizing, Share and Project Pipeline: Comprehensive analysis of the offshore foundations landscape size (MW) and share by turbine, substation, HVDC converter station and met mast foundations; geographical market; and project status; including identification of commercial opportunities where projects have yet to have decided on foundation type
  • Foundations - Installation Options, Concepts and Designs: Techno-economic evaluation of the complete foundations portfolio (Floating, Suction Bucket, Monopiles, XL Monopiles, Gravity-Based, Jacket, Tripod, Tripile, High-Rise Pile Cap) including commercial deployment trajectory, vessel suitability and availability, installation logistics and supply-chain explained
  • Foundation & Structures Matrix: Quantitative configuration of foundation/structure suitability for an offshore project based upon the following parameters; water depth, seabed hydrogeology, distance to shore, serialised manufacturing, cost, logistics, erection, O&M costs and track record


WEU Offshore Foundations & Supporting Structures Report 2015 responds to the most pressing needs of the offshore wind foundations community, representing over six months of primary and secondary research as well as analysis on the part of a qualified team of experts.

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