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An agenda that puts safety first, shaped by the industry

Whether your an operator on large or small scale, involved in construction or the operations and maintenance phase this agenda covers the issues, and presents you with tangible options, to get the blades turning and your staff and asset safe.

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Wind Turbines

Adapt your EHS strategy for the next generation wind turbines  

  • Be the first to know how larger turbines will affect construction, operations and maintenance and adapt your EHS strategy accordingly
  • Gain vital knowledge on the connection between size and logistics to ensure your projects run smoothly and accidents free
  • Understand what hazard prevention measures have been taken by the manufacturers when designing and building the new wind turbines and make the best choice when selecting the suppliers for your next projects

Speaker name TBC, GE

Apply governmental regulation in a practical way

  • Expert advice on turbine certification, component testing and turbine design to provide you with information on how to assess risks and take practical steps to reduce them
  • Get the facts on OSHA’s construction and O&M regulations but more important how can you apply them to your staff, assets and the wider work environment to keep good practice
  • Easy to grasp actions that are proven to work when taking governmental theory and applying it to real world event

Troy Hewitt, Global Energy Business Leader, Intertek

Fundamental guidelines for building a solid EHS strategy

  • Be the first to know the impact of near-miss reports, safety analysis and audit training on your long term EHS strategy
  • Understand the role of safety indicators and safety performance in the next generation of wind turbines to ensure you are prepared for the upcoming technological innovations
  • Take a fresh look at the turbine manufacturer EHS guidelines across their various makes and models and adapt your strategy accordingly

Todd Karasek, VP EHS, Suzlon

OSHA's update on Wind Energy

  • Get the understanding about what regulations OSHA looks for in the field for both equipment and worker safety
  • Hear the steps OSHA has already taken to collaborate with the wind industry for the long term benefit of all involved and learn how you can participate efficiently
  • Discover the variety of support OSHA can currently provide to you and the wider wind industry and what plans are set for the future 

Jack Rector, Area Director, OSHA


Read on below for the session by session descriptions, then book your place here

Technical advice on construction health and safety

Case study from Morstenson Construction

  • All you need to know about one of the most dangerous parts of the construction phase
  • Exclusive technical analysis to understand how best to protect your workers during installation
  • Gain critical knowledge on what issues to expect when working with heavy equipment and lifting tools and ensure your workers are operating in a protected environment

Chris Daniels, Safety Manager, Mortenson Construction

Electrical Hazards During Commissioning Operations

  • Identify the common Electrical hazards (Shock and Arc Flash) associated with start-up operations to remain competitive
  • Learn effective strategies to control Electrical hazards through Engineering controls, Safe Work Practices and use of Personal Protective Equipment to avoid critical accidents
  • Identify the relevant Electrical Codes, Standards and Regulations that apply to construction and maintenance operations for efficient project delivery

John Kolak, President, Praxis Corporation

Site selection and characteristics identify and mitigate location risks

  • Learn all about the site characteristic impact on the health and safety best practice and ensure you select the best location for your next project
  • Include site location at an early stage to avoid EHS scheme errors later on
  • Understand how to adapt your EHS strategy according to the specific location of the project and save critical time and resources
Offshore Wind Health & Safety – Essential Considerations for US projects
  • Be the first to know the issues facing the US developers in the offshore wind industry and ensure you are prepared to face them effectively   
  • Understand the most critical differences between the onshore and the offshore wind industry to avoid costly surprises 
  • Listen to the practical lessons learnt from development, construction & operations of European projects and implement them into your company strategy 

Tanjia Maynard, EHS Consultant, PMSS America, Inc

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EHS in the Operations and Maintenance phase

The Nextera experience - long term health and safety approach to O&M

  • Hear Nextera's Principal safety Specialist (and formal Duke Energy's EHS executive) Grayling Vander Velde's view on how to reduce accidents in your O&M activities
  • Gain critical knowledge on multiple projects safety strategies and apply the facts into all your projects at once
  • Safe time and money by learning from one of the most experienced people in the US wind health and safety industry

Grayling Vander Velde, Principal Safety Specialist Wind Power Generation, Nextera

Collective approach to health and safety in the O&M phase

  • Become an expert in confined spaces inside the blades and understand how to avoid fatalities in your next round of projects
  • Learn how to reduce the risks associated with exposure to chemicals and workers physical conditions to ensure accident-free operations and maintenance procedures
  • Understand what results have been achieved by LM Wind Power over the last few years in relation to blades confide spaced and utilize this knowledge in your next projects

Dana Paulson, EHS Manager, LM Windpower

Electrical Safety and Reliability: Why we MUST consider performing a complete electrical maintenance program
  • Learn the success stories and the tools that have been used through the last two decades to increase reliability and reduce risk of injury and equipment failure.
  • Benefit from the presenter's nearly twenty years of experience in electrical maintenance, thermography, and ultrasonic technologies

Joe DeMonte, Global Technical Director, IRISS

Reducing Safety Risks in Turbine Maintenance with Suspended Access Platforms

  • Understand the risks associated with blade and tower maintenance
  • Ensure wind plant technicians are fully protected and safe at height with redundant safety systems
  • Gain exclusive first-hand information on preventing accidents during turbine maintenance
  • Simple, successful safety training programs to improve productivity

Clint Ramberg, Wind Access Director, Spider

Making the Connection: Employee-based and Emergency Responder Rescue

  • Gain critical understanding on how to manage staff in a confined, hazardous environment from the Dallas Fire Department Captain
  • A must-attend talk that speaks about the results delivered on operational wind farms and the realistic expectation you can set yourself
  • Get exclusive tips on how to prevent risk and injury to your asset through engaging in proven rescue training and emergency response solution

Brent Wise, COO, Tech Safety Lines, Inc.

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Long-term EHS culture

Safety, Changing the Culture

  • Exclusive case study describing the work of both Infigen and Mitsubishi toward safer working environment for their projects but also for the wind industry as a whole
  • Two of the most influential figures of the US wind industry at the moment speaking on critical health and safety strategies, best practices and lessons learnt
  • First-time joint presentation giving you unique access to information which you simply cannot find anywhere else  

Hans Owens, VP Operation, Infigen


Harm Toren, VP Aftermarket Business Development and Chief Service Officer 
Mitsubishi Power Systems

Sourcing out the best employees

  • Learn about the Wind Energy Technology program at Texas State Technical College and how it prepares future turbine technicians
  • Examine the relationship of OSHA requirements, university safety training, and current industry needs to ensure students are prepared for the challenges of the job
  • Discuss the specific educational strategies TSTC employs to prepare students for work associated with the construction, operation, and maintenance of today’s wind farms.
  • Determine how industry can recognize students who have the safety skills to become superior employees for their next projects

George Lister, Program Chair, Texas State Technical College

Building a S.A.F.E. culture in the Wind Industry

  • Get exclusive insight into Broadwind Energy’s S.A.F.E. (Safety Awareness For Everyone) program
  • Learn how to use everyday observations to proactively identify and drive risk reduction opportunities 
  • Improve your company EHS performance by hearing Broadwind Energy’s advice on how to measure your EHS culture beyond reactive indicators

Joseph Reisinger, Director EHS, Broadwind

Long-term versus short term approach to health and safety

  • Learn all about the challenge of O&M Safety: Different Technologies; Young Teams; Training for the future; Complacency etc. to ensure you have the right strategies for control on place
  • Assess the challenge of short term Safety: Multiple Technologies; Young Teams; Constant Change of Geographic location, Training the mobile work force

Mike Kelley, EHS Director, Upwind Solutions

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